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Plumbing Services that Will Keep Your Home in Top Shape

Do you know how to keep the plumbing in your home in tip top shape? At Brooks Plumbing we feel it’s important to help our customers do all they can to keep a home that runs as efficiently as possible, which is why we’d like to share some insider tips below. 1. When in Doubt Throw it in the Trash Not everything can be flushed, including wipes that say they are flush-able. If you’re in doubt, you’re better off throwing something in the trash so it doesn’t mess with your plumbing. 2. Get Routine Maintenance Routine maintenance is something that
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Water Heater Repairs Plano, TX

Although water heater repairs and installations in Plano, TX look and sound easy, they always aren’t. If you have never done any type of electrical work dealing with heaters you could potentially harm yourself and or others. Hiring professionals gives you the reassurance that all your work will be done properly and safely. Hiring a professional water heater installation service in Plano, TX might be a little bit more costly, but it’s a small price to pay when it comes to the safety of you and your family. These type of repairs and installations can be tedious and difficult, let
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